The Firm provides legal services in areas related to international trade, such as:

Comprehensive assessment on customs issues related to Law 22,415 and complementary provisions. Analysis and follow up of Procedures concerning Impugnments, Repetitions, Violations, Anti-dumping and criminal customs matters through the personalized assistance of a professional team specialized to appear before the Dirección General de Aduanas, the Argentine Ministry of Economy; Secretaries of State; official bodies, the Tribunal Fiscal de la Nación (Argentine Tax Court) and Federal courts having jurisdiction in every venue of the country.

Professional assistance in matters pertaining to customs valuation of imported goods (Law 23,311; 24,425 – Section VII, G.A.T.T.), not only regarding related companies but also independent importers. Study and analysis in matters concerning Tariff Classifications, opening entries and their corresponding processes.

Collaboration in legal customs issues and foreign trade. From the analysis of foreign investments to the study and presentation in order to obtain the best tax regulations regarding imports and exports, “Turnkey Factories”, “Industrial Specialization”, etc.

Legal cooperation in tasks related to the Mercosur Agreement, benefits, taxes, rights in force and effect, negotiations, customs and tax regulations belonging to its members, changes in nomenclature, notes and opening entries in tariff items; follow up of negotiations between Chile, Bolivia, and the Andean Group. Interpretation and scope of the rules of origin, technical rules, temporary admission, free trade zones.

Integration of brother countries demands counselling national and foreign businessmen as regards imports and exports in or out of the scope of the Ouro Preto Agreement. In that sense, it also provides legal support in trade defense measures, safeguard provisions, dumping and countervailing duties.

Furthermore, as to financing mechanisms; it promotes international entities’ special programmes for small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance exports; tax incentives and preference systems.

It comprises counselling in exchange matters, defense before the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (Banco Central de la República Argentina) and appeals.

It organizes conferences, courses and specialized boards for its prestigious portfolio of clients, special guests and general public. These are organised by the members of the firm or prominent professionals summoned for said events.

It deals with legal issues related to administrative matters which protect federal laws linked with foreign trade such as the Consumer Protection Act (Ley de Defensa al Consumidor), the Commercial Loyalty Act (Ley de Lealtad Comercial), etc.